Wooden Flooring

Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring (Parque)

is one of the best choices for flooring, it adds a touch of beauty to your house. Suma International Manufacturing will add a touch of art through its diverse designs in the manufacture and installation tactics of interior wood flooring Most of the wood types can be suitable for the modern or traditional design of flooring, Suma International Manufacturing will advise you on the best wood types, colors and features of each type. In addition to various installation tactics that can be suitable for your home decoration. Here is below some of best wood types can be a good option for your home wooden flooring (Parque):

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Ashwood flooring: is one of the best options for wooden flooring, because it has a good resistance feature and it’s a shock absorbable in addition to its light colors which can be suitable for small spaces.

Cherry wood flooring: one of the most used wood types in flooring, it very famous for its red color. Cherry wood is a strong solid wood good absorbable for shocks, it’s best feature that it has the ability to maintain its natural state for years.
Oakwood flooring: It is one of the finest wood types, there is two types of oak, red oak, and white oak. One of the oak wood flooring features is the moderate linear edges with exceptional stability, due to its high density and good moisture resistance oak is a good option for wooden flooring.
Walnut wood flooring: its strong and solid wood, it available with different color shades such as light brown, dark brown, and gray. Walnut is the most used wood related to its grain’s beauty
Teak wood flooring: its strong wood can resist the shocks, famous with its dark color and the beauty of its grains, one of its best characteristics is resistance to termites and insects to contain natural oils.

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