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is one of the leading factories in Kuwait in designing and producing kitchens, Suma distinguished with its expert production team, Our Design team is always focusing on creating new designs that match global trends to ensure our customers’ satisfaction Suma kitchens are high quality depends on using attractive colors, and beautiful flooring that suits your spaces. We work on designing a complete kitchen element in a harmonized way depending on different measurements and sizes to achieve our client desire. The more you look into the final design you will observe the interest of our team in details, in Suma we use the finest wood in conjunction with our interest in details to meet your requirements and needs. Because Suma International Manufacturing is specializing in woodworking, you have a wide range of options for all kinds of wood and materials that can be used in kitchen production and that may suit your tastes and needs with different prices. Our main character in the kitchen industry is the use of high-quality raw materials..

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Kitchens Models —

Classical Kitchens

we produce a customize classical kitchen in high quality that matching our client requirements. In this type of kitchens, we use solid wood because it adds a sense of luxury and sophistication to your home

Modern Kitchens

Is known with simplicity, customers can get modern kitchen with minimal cost related what they have of wide choices of materials, usually some people will be confused about making a decision, especially if the budget is limited, Suma team will advise on the best and most suitable prices to meet the targeted budget.

Kitchens Types —

Wooden kitchens

wooden kitchens are always taking the biggest attention of Suma design’s team because this type of kitchens is always adding an aesthetic touch to houses. Here we display some of the latest design for wooden kitchens, regarding the types of wood and materials that used in kitchens here is some solid woods famous types: Maple wood, Ash Wood, Mahogany, Oakwood, walnut wood, Beach wood, Teak wood and many others, in addition to other materials that customer can use instead of solid wood are implementing the Veneer , PCV or HPL on MDF for kitchen doors or choosing the melamine for kitchen cabinets (inside and outside), all the previous is available with options that can meet your budget.

Aluminum Kitchens

it’s a practical kitchen can sustain all climate changings specially in GCC such as high heat temperature and corrosion as result of humidity. Aluminum kitchens best of its features is that customers have the ability to choose between wide color options and textures which can add a distinguished design touch to your home.

Kitchens Sizes and Designs

One of the basics that you have to consider when you start in designing phase is to use all the space you have in a way that allows you to maximize storage capacity as possible and ensure that the end result of the design is elegant and comfortable

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