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can vary depending on home design and decoration. Suma International Manufacturing tends to add an aesthetic touch to a selection of the best types of wood and for the most beautiful designs used with high quality and suitable prices. Suma International Manufacturing is a leader in designing and producing doors in Kuwait. Suma designs and executes all exterior and interior wood door on all types of wood to meet customers’ needs, in addition to fire rated doors. Exterior Doors must be produced from the finest types of wood to withstand the changes in the external factors such as the heat, humidity, and cold. Shapes and designs of doors vary depending on the nature of the house.

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The door designs are associated with the interior decoration of the house so it often takes a lot of our attention, such as design, colors, and effectiveness, which wood type is better? And which is the longest? So, at Suma International Manufacturing we implement the different types of doors such as classical and modern designs even the soundproofed doors.
The designer’s team at the Suma factory will advise you on best doors options for your spaces. Suma can execute traditional and Sliding doors in proportion to the spaces and decorations of your home.

Door's Types —

Classical doors always add a sense of luxury and sophistication to the house, classical doors are distinguished by the decorative and engraved patterns or by the slightly simplified ones in addition to multi-section doors.
Modern doors are characterized by their simplicity for a brighter home, where glass and steel are often introduced or some modern-styles as geometric designs.
At Suma International Manufacturing we produce doors using a wide range of wood and materials, all are available at Suma from solid woods to softwoods

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