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Established in 2015 , The Factory is located at the Jahra Industrial Area, which covers an area of 5000 SQM in a workshop space. Our factory is fully equipped with new, modern and sophisticated technology machines, built specially for high quality finished and mass production products. All Machines have been procured from the best European companies. Those machines are operating by skilled and experienced personnel, who are already well trained well field.

Design service

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2D/ 3D design


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Designs and Shapes of doors can be vary depending on home design and decoration. Suma International Manufacturing tends to add an aesthetic touch to a selection of the best types of wood and to most beautiful designs used with high quality and suitable prices.


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Suma International Manufacturing is one of the leading factories in Kuwait in designing and producing kitchens, Suma distinguished with its expert production team, Our Design team is always focusing on creating new designs that match global trends to ensure our customers’ satisfaction

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If you like to get a distinguished design for your home cabinet, Suma International Manufacturing presents you various distinct ways of internal division an of the cabinets as well as the various systems in the opening methods for the doors to give you the opportunity to see and determine which system fits your home. Suma International manufacturing produces the latest designs of wooden cabinets of the finest wood types in accordance with the height of the walls and the optimum utilization of the rooms


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Wall Cladding

Nature is always the primary source of inspiration to most interior designers in getting their design’s ideas for cladding and wooden ceilings. In Suma International Manufacturing we work on designing and producing new modern, unique and sophisticated ideas of cladding.

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Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring (Parque) is one of the best choices for flooring, it adds a touch of beauty to your house. Suma International Manufacturing will add a touch of art through its diverse designs in the manufacture and installation tactics of interior wood flooring Most of the wood types can be suitable for the modern or traditional design of flooring, Suma International Manufacturing will advise you on the best wood types, colors and features of each type. In addition to various installation tactics that can be suitable for your home decoration.


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